[Seminar] 2022/11/22 Globalism Versus Cosmopolitanism: Two Conflicting Visions of Legal Globalization (Hybrid)

Associate Professor Joshua Karton, who serves at Queen's University, delivered a speech on the topic of "Globalism Versus Cosmopolitanism: Two Conflicting Visions of Legal Globalization" on November 22nd, 2022. The event was hosted by Associate Professor Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang, with Dean Huang-Yu Wang, Associate Professor Wei-Yu Chen, and students at NTU Law School in attendance. To honor his academic contributions and achievements, NTU College of Law awarded Associate Professor Joshua Karton the Tsai Wan-Tsai Visiting Chair Professor of Law, which is presented to outstanding full-time professors at NTU College of Law and established foreign professors paying visits to NTU College of Law.

In the speech, Associate Professor Joshua Karton introduced the history of Globalization, analyzed the differences between Globalism and Cosmopolitanism, and provided his insights on future development. Furthermore, Associate Professor Joshua Karton clarified the myth of  "Anti-Globalization" and emphasized various forms of Globalization.

The speech received a lot of feedback. Associate Professor Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang and Associate Professor Joshua Karton discussed the specific differences between Globalization and Globalism and the role of Taiwan against the backdrop of Globalism and Cosmopolitanism. Besides, Associate Professor Wei-Yu Chen asked whether and how the New York Convention reflects Globalism or Cosmopolitanism.

Currently, Associate Professor Joshua Karton is a visiting professor at NTU College of Law. NTU College of Law looks forward to future collaborations and interactions with visiting scholars.