2014 Vis Moot Court

The Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot has been held for 21 years in Vienna. Every year, Vis moot in Vienna attracts near 300 teams from all over the world. Vis East Hong Kong, the sister moot of the Vis Vienna, began in 2003. In 2014, 99 law schools from 28 jurisdictions in total took part in the 11th Vis East.

NTU has been participated in Vis moot in Vienna since 2011. In 2013-2014 Round, it was the first time the NTU team participated in the Vis East in Hong Kong. Before the formal competition, the NTU Vis team also participated in the Shanghai Premoot hosted by the East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai.

Teams participating in the moot must prepare for two parts of the competition: submission of memoranda for both the Claimant and Respondent of the assigned case, and the oral pleading in the general rounds. From the memoranda writing to oral statement, the NTU Vis East team spent a year on learning the rules on international commercial arbitration and other applicable laws such as CISG. After the submission of the memoranda, the team practiced the art of presenting their case and responding to challenges from the opposing counsels and presiding panel of arbitrators.

Although NTU team did not advance to the final round in 2014, it was an incredible experience for the entire team. Through analyzing and discussing the problem of the moot case, the team learned the rules and applications of relevant international regulations. It was also a great forum for the NTU team to have met and competed with law students and practitioners from all around the world. From comparing our experiences with the others the team learned that in law all practitioners and students in fact have more in common than in differences. The team hopes that through sharing these experiences with other law school students, more students would become interested in international law and participate in international moot competitions.