AJWH Vol. 14.2


To Declare or Not to Declare: The Controversy over Declaring a Public Health Emergency of International Concern for the Ebola Outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

David P. Fidler [Abstract]  [SSRN]

A Milder but Effective WTO Reform—Possible Plurilateral FTAs and Plurilateral DSU Within the WTO

Chang-fa Lo [Abstract]  [SSRN]

WTO Reform: Will There Be a Third Option Other than a U.S. Withdrawal and a China Expulsion?

Qingjiang Kong & Shuai Guo [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Particular Market Situation: A Newly Arising Problem or a New Stage in the Anti-Dumping Investigation?

Yu Yessi Lesmana & Joseph Wira Koesnaidi [Abstract]  [SSRN]

WTO Jurisprudence on All Others Rate and Residual Rate of Dumping and Subsidy: Confusion and Reflection

Liping Huang [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Risk Assessment Review Under the WTO Disputes Settlement System

Tsai-fang Chen [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Who Is the God of Medicine?—Deciphering China’s Stance on Pharmaceutical Compulsory Licensing

Chaoyi Jiang [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Book Review

A Book Review on “Taiwan and International Human Rights: A Story of Transformation” Edited by Jerome A. Cohen, William P. Alford and Chang-fa Lo

Jau-Yuan Hwang [Abstract]  [SSRN]