AJWH Vol. 15.1


The Missing Operational Components of the IHR (2005) from the Experience of Handling the Outbreak of COVID-19: Precaution, Independence, Transparency and Universality

Chang-fa Lo [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Global Health in a Turbulence Time: A Commentary

Tsung-Ling Lee [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Regional Mechanism Under Doha Paragraph 6 System—The Largely Untested Alternative Route for Access to Patented Medicines

Tolulope Anthony Adekola [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Tightrope Walk Between Faith and Scepticism: India’s “Contingency Plan” for Free Trade

Debashis Chakraborty & Julien Chaisse [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Imported Seafood Traceability Regulations: A Mishap for the WTO’s Disregard for Non-Product Related Processes and Production Methods?

Juan He [Abstract]  [SSRN]

The Stalemate in China’s GPA Accession Negotiations—Is There a Way Out?

Marcia Don Harpaz & Hadas Peled [Abstract]  [SSRN]

The Applicability of GATT Rules to Gas Transit Against the Backdrop of the “Belt and Road Initiative”: China’s Pipeline Transit Transport

Zhong Lei [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Africa-China Investment Partnership for Development: The Downside, the Promises and a Roadmap for the Future

Collins C. Ajibo, Miriam C. Anozie, Timothy O. Umahi & Samuel I. Nwatu [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Recent Development

The Americanization of the International Economic Order and Its Normative Boundaries

Asif H Qureshi [Abstract]  [SSRN]

Book Review

E-cigarettes, Public Health, and Scientific Uncertainty: A Book Review on Lukasz Gruszczynski (Ed.), “The Regulation of E-cigarettes: International, European and National Challenges”

Silvia Nuzzo  [Abstract] [SSRN]