AJWH Vol. 15.2


China’s Role in the Development of International Investment Law—From Bystander to Participant
Vivienne Bath [Abstract] [SSRN]

The Evolution of Chinese International Investment Agreements and Their Potential Impacts on Human Rights Protections for the “Belt and Road Initiative” Countries
Mao-wei Lo [Abstract] [SSRN]

WTO Disputes’ Influence on China’s Central-Local Dynamics
Chenxi Wang [Abstract] [SSRN]

Contextualism in WTO Case Law on Mineral Export Restrictions: Puzzles and Implications
Bingwan Xiong & Paolo Davide Farah [Abstract] [SSRN]

A Historical Review of the U.S. Strategy on SPS and TBT Issues in Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiation
Pei-kan Yang [Abstract] [SSRN]

Phoenix from the Ashes: CPTPP Meaning for Asia-Pacific (and Global) Investment
Xu Qian [Abstract] [SSRN]

Strengthening Global Governance for Human Rights Through New-era FTAs: Beyond Trade-related Aspects?
Jia-Jhen (Zac) Liao [Abstract] [SSRN]

Is Tangibility a Prerequisite? Digital Products as Goods
Ignatius Yordan Nugraha [Abstract] [SSRN]