AJWH Vol. 16.2


From Addressing Trade Distortion to Correcting Environmental Distortion: The Fisheries Subsidies Negotiation as the Turning Point of the WTO’s Task
Chang-fa Lo & Tang-Kai Wang [Abstract] [SSRN]

Steel Overcapacity and the Global Trading System
Sherzod Shadikhodjaev [Abstract] [SSRN]

Will China Redefine International Trade Norms?
Qingjiang Kong & Li Chen [Abstract] [SSRN]

Pandemics, Travel Restrictions, and the Distancing from International Law
Fernando Dias Simões [Abstract] [SSRN]

The Role of Public International Law in Integrating Human Rights Considerations in Investment Treaty Arbitration
Raymond Yang Gao [Abstract] [SSRN]

The Interaction Between Adjudicators and Legislative States Behind the Balancing Analysis in International Trade Law and Investment Law
Ying-Jun Lin [Abstract] [SSRN]

Reinforcing Dispute Settlement Mechanism Under the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control as an Option to Solve Trade/Investment-Related Tobacco Disputes
Pei-kan Yang [Abstract] [SSRN]

Establishing Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of Home State for Investor Accountability: English and Dutch Anchoring Mechanism and an IIA Complement or Alternative
Liping Huang [Abstract] [SSRN]

International Food Law: Historical Development and Need of Comprehensive Law
Sadiya S. Silvee & Ximei Wu [Abstract] [SSRN]