AJWH Vol. 17.2


Hong Kong’s Participation in International Dispute Settlement: Deviations from Conventional Sovereignty

Julien Chaisse & Xueliang Ji [Abstract] [SSRN]

Implications of the EU’s Position on Trade Distortion for EU-China Trade Relations: From Selective Adaptation to Coordinated Compliance
Chao Wang & Taixia Shen [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​]

Legalized Backsliding: The Product Under Consideration in the WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement
Yan Cai, Eunmi Kim, Zhuoqi Teng & Yuantao Fang [Abstract] [SSRN]

Rethinking Investment Treaties for Sustainable Development: From the “New Delhi Declaration” Principles to Modern Investment Law & Policy
Xu Qian [Abstract] [SSRN]

The Presumption of Conformity for Climate Measures: Reconciling the Climate Change Regime and the WTO
Hyuntaik Lee [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​]

Modalities of Securing Policy Autonomy in Preferential Trade Agreements 
Tae Jung Park & Kil Won Lee [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​​]

Adaptation of Lever Effect Theory to the New Context: A Re-Examination of the Relationship Between Agriculture Dispute Settlement and Negotiation in the WTO
Hui Chen [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​]

Book Review

A Book Review on Petros C. Mavroidis “The WTO Dispute Settlement System: How, Why and Where?” (Edward Elgar, 2022)
Yueming Yan [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​​]