AJWH Vol. 18.1


Determinants of Antidumping Policy: Interests, Interactions, and Institutions

Yan Cai, Yu Gao, Dongxu Yang & Eunmi Kim [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​​]

Decoupling Trade and Cybersecurity: A Way to Recalibration?
Xin Wang [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​]

A Parallel Narrative: Pluralistic Reconciliation Through Quantizing Geoeconomics in (Cyber)security Governance in International Economic Law
Xinyue Li [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​​]

Compulsory Licenses for Pharmaceutical Patents in China in Light of the TRIPS Agreement
Qian YIN [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​​]

Between Old and New: Rethinking Modernization of China’s IIA Regime
Keer Huang [Abstract] [
SSRN​​​​​​] [Appendix]

The Revival of Spectre: Voluntary Import Expansions and the WTO Compatibility
Yaoyuan Zhang [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​]