AJWH Vol. 18.2


Is an Anti-Circumvention System of Anti-Dumping Duty Needed? Evidence from the Korea Import Case
Chang Hwan Choi [Abstract] [SSRN]

Non-Discrimination Under the Most-Favoured-Nation Obligation and Adequacy Decisions in the General Data Protection Regulation
Tsai-fang Chen [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​​]

The Forgotten Cog in the Dispute Settlement Machine: An Analysis of the Underappreciated Roles and Mandates of the Dispute Settlement Body in the Dispute Settlement Process
Hsien Wu [Abstract] [SSRN]

Examining the Contemporary International Food Instruments and Framework
Sadiya S. Silvee & Ximei Wu [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​​]

Pandemic Accord, Digital Health Literacy, and Human Rights in the Era of Infodemic
Tsung-Ling Lee [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​​

To Waive or Not to Waive: The Debate and Analysis of TRIPS Waiver
Shuwen Xu [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​​]

Book Review

A Book Review on Chien-Huei Wu “Law and Politics on Export Restrictions: WTO and Beyond” (Cambridge University Press, 2021)​​​​​​​
Shin-yi Peng [Abstract] [SSRN​​​​​​​]