CAAJ 17.1


What's Really Wrong with ISDS - A Critical Analysis of Phantom Issues and Real Issues Triggered by Practice and Technological Development
Stephan Wilske & Matthew T. Adams [Abstract] [SSRN}
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of International Trade Law and Dispute Settlement
Anthony Amunátegui Abad [Abstract] [SSRN]

The Application of AI in Arbitration: How Far are We from AI Arbitratiors?
Sean Shih & Eric Chin-Ru Chang [Abstract] [SSRN}

The Human Impact on Arbitration in the Emerging Era of Artificial Intelligence
Joe Liu [Abstract] [SSRN]

Book Review

A Book review on Katia Fach Gómez "The Technological Competence of Arbitrators. A Comparative and International Legal Study" (Springer, Cham, 2023)
Pijan Wu [Abstract] [SSRN]

Case Comment

CWE v. NHA: Transnationalisation of Pakistan's Arbitration Jurisprudence
Ikram Ullah [Abstract] [SSRN]