Our Mission

1) To Conduct Interdisciplinary Research

As there is limited research capacity on WTO and international health law in Asia, an interdisciplinary approach integrating trade and international health has yet to be adopted by academic institutions. To establish an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional network of the WTO and other fields (e.g., public health), ACWH has recruited academics from the Department of Public Health of NTU and other institutions to join research projects.

ACWH's research work also extends to the exploration of the interface between trade and the Convention of Cultural Diversity, public health (particularly the IHR and the FCTC), and environment.

2) To Enhance Taiwan's International Exposure

The Center intends to enhance Taiwan's international exposure by inviting internationally recognized scholars and practitioners (e.g., former members of the WTO Appellate Body) to be ACWH's consultative advisor and ACWH's Senior Committee Members.

3) To Host International Conferences Annually

The Center hosts a number of international conferences so as to establish a forum on WTO and health related subjects. It is to enable scholars and practitioners to exchange viewpoints with the hope that the Asian perspective will be ACWH's unique niche for further study.

4) To Publish English Journals Semiannually

The Center issues two academic English journals semi-annually to demonstrate ACWH's research and academic capacities in WTO, international health matters and arbitration. Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy (AJWH) purports to provide a deep understanding, close examination and constructive debates of law and policy on trade practices and health systems in the region of Asia, as well as the multi-disciplinary relationship between trade and public health, and the relationship between the multilateral trade regimes and the international health systems. Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal (CAAJ) is co-published by the Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei (CAA, Taipei), the National Taiwan University Press, and ACWH. The aim of the journal is to encourage the publication of original papers covering international arbitration issues. The AJWH has been included in the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) in July, 2008.

5) To Publish Treatises in English on WTO Law Annually

The Center publishes treatises in English on WTO Law annually to build up ACWH's WTO professional credentials.

6) To Hold Training and Academic Programs

The Center receives academic resources from international organizations and local agencies for organizing and holding training and academic programs in anticipation of upgrading Taiwan 's WTO and health law research capacity.

7) To Encourage Students to Participate in WTO and Arbitration Activities

The Center provides financial aid and encouragement for students to participate in the WTO and arbitration moot court competitions and other international activities so as to equip them with better understanding and sensitivity to WTO and other international issues.