Best Paper Award for 2015 Competition at Taipei International Arbitration and Mediation Conference

The Best Paper Award for 2015 Competition on International Arbitration and Mediation is granted to Dr. Winnie Jo-Mei Ma (馬若梅) for her paper entitled “The Law Applicable to the Substance of Arbitral Dispute: Arbitrators' Choice in Absence of Parties' Choice”. We congratulate her for winning the competition. We also like to recognize Ms. Chieh Lee’s submission entitled “Using the Doctrine of Corporate Veil-Piercing In Resolving Nationality Planning Issue in International Investment Arbitration”. Ms. Lee is an LL.M. Student. Her paper is considered by the review committee as among the best submissions. Their papers are to be presented at the 2015 Taipei International Conference on Arbitration and Mediation on September 6-7, 2015.