Call for Papers
2018 Taipei International Conference on Arbitration and Mediation

The Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei (CAA) and the Asian Center for WTO & International Health Law and Policy, College of Law, National Taiwan University (ACWH) are to jointly host the annual “Taipei International Conference on Arbitration and Mediation” on August 27 & 28, 2018 in Taipei, Taiwan. This year’s  conference theme is “Litigation, Arbitration and Meditation: Competitive or Collaborative/Cooperative Relations?” The conference invites arbitration experts and scholars to provide the latest academic findings and case studies on any one of the following topics:

1. A reverse trend of traditional or modified mode of court systems serving as an alternative to arbitration?
2. How to revise court systems to make them more competitive in terms of time, costs and quality for private disputes so as to win back the reliance by the disputing parties? Examples? And how to make arbitration or mediation systems even more attractive so as to further gain reliance by the disputing parties?
3. Turning the rivalrous relations into cooperative or convergent relations among the different modes of dispute settlement mechanism?
4. The possibility of eliminating the dichotomy of domestic/foreign arbitral awards and its implications for enhancing the preference for arbitration.
5. Ex aequo et bono arbitration in the contemporary world.
6. Revisiting lex mercatoria in international commercial arbitration.
7. Other Fundamental Issues and Recent Development in Commercial Arbitration.
8. Investment Arbitration.
9. Recent Development of International Mediation.

I. Important Dates (based on Taipei time)

1. Abstract submission deadline: April 30, 2018
2. Abstract acceptance notification: May 10, 2018
3. Full paper submission deadline: June 20, 2018
4. Full paper acceptance notification: June 30, 2018
5. Conference dates: August 27 & 28, 2018

II. Review process

1. The review process will be divided into two stages: the initial stage of review and the final stage of review. “Articles passing the review process” refer to the submitted articles that have passed both the initial and final stage of review.
2. The initial stage of review: Applicants will need to submit their abstracts of the papers before the abstract submission deadline, and will be informed of the result of initial review before April 30, 2018. The applicants whose abstracts pass the initial stage of review will need to submit their papers in full before the full paper submission deadline.
3. The final stage of review: Applicants of articles passing the review process will be invited to present their papers in a session during the conference. They will also be invited to submit their papers to the Contemporary Asia Arbitration Journal (CAAJ) to be peer-reviewed for possible publication.
4. For a full version of the peer-review process and other detailed information of CAAJ, please visit the ACWH website at

III. Award

The best paper selected by the Review Committee will be granted an award of USD 500 for his/her airfare to travel to Taipei for the Conference and a certificate jointly issued by the CAA and the ACWH. The author has to present his/her paper at the Conference so as to be qualified for this USD 500 reimbursement. The host will provide local accommodation during the conference. In the case of co-authors, please note that they will share the USD 500 reimbursement and only one author will be provided with the local accommodation.

IV. Conference/Paper Language

All the papers need to be written and presented in English.

V. Guidelines for Abstract / Paper Submission

1. Abstract: The total number of words in the content of an article for submission should be within 500 words.
2. Full paper: The total number of words in the content of an article for submission should be between 5,000 to 10,000 words. Authors are strongly encouraged to use blue book citation for their submissions.
VI. Abstract Submission format:

Prospective author is invited to submit your abstract submission and your curriculum vitae in the format of a Word file or PDF file to The abstract submission must include the following information:

1. Title
2. Author: Name, contact information, e-mail address
3. Abstracts: A maximum of 500 words
4. Keywords: A maximum of ten keywords

VII. Contact information

Sunny Guan Ye Li (Ms), Asian Center for WTO & International Health Law and Policy College of Law, National Taiwan University College of Law
(Official website:
Tel: +886-2-33663366 ext. 55234
Fax: +886-2-33668965

Elsa Yeh (Ms), Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei
(Official Website:
Tel: +886-2-27078672 ext.11                                          
Fax: +886-2-27078642