National Taiwan University College of Law had immense pleasure to welcome Professor Mark Wu of Harvard Law School to visit the campus on May 8, 2018.

Professor Wu’s speech on “Rising U.S. – China Trade Tensions: Implications for Global Governance and the Asia-Pacific” held at Tsai Lecture Hall was hosted by Professor Chang-fa Lo, the honorable Justice of Constitutional Court of Taiwan. Over 100 participants were in attendance, including policy practitioners from the government, academics and students. Professor Wu’s perspectives on the current important topic were highly inspirational and commendable.

臺灣大學法律學院邀請美國哈佛大學Mark Wu教授於蒞臨演講, 由司法院羅昌發大法官擔任主持。 

講題為: 美中貿易緊張關係:對全球治理及亞太關係的影響